A live discussion on The Whole Physician Podcast

DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast on institutional and individual resilience. “So what we’re talking about here is protecting this incredible asset that healthcare workers have and strengthening it, fortifying, as if you’re putting on the best PPE you can, facing that firestorm.” -Pennie Sempell JD

In this episode, Master Certified Coach Jill Farmer welcomes the Co-Founder of Stresspal, Pennie Sempell JD to announce, explain and highlight our new exciting collaboration called DocWorking StressPal Frontline. We are so excited about how our dynamic coaching and peer support combines with the brain-based learning behind this Resilience strengthening course. With DocWorking StressPal Frontline we provide ongoing dynamic coaching and peer support plus the definitive course to help you retrain your brain on how it responds to stress in the heat of the moment, leading to protecting your resilience. Plus you can earn up to 8 CME/CNE/continuing education credits. It’s incredibly affordable and it’s designed to bring your entire healthcare team onto the same page. Tune in to hear about the life changing benefits of this program and how it can help you and your whole team.

For over 25 years Pennie Sempell, JD has conducted training in conflict resolution, stress resilience, and health advocacy in collaboration with medical professionals in both hospital and outpatient settings. A professional mediator/attorney and pioneer in integrative health education, she has authored and produced multiple award-winning multimedia tools and curriculum for adults and children in lifestyle and behavioral medicine topics with an interactive focus. Pennie graduated Phi Beta Kappa from University of California with BA Psychology and Juris Doctor from University of California, Hastings College of the Law. She has extensive certifications in conflict resolution and CAM therapies. She co-founded StressPal with James Monroe, PhD Clinical Psychology, to deliver science-based programs for clinicians and care teams to address an epidemic of stress and stress-related conditions. StressPal launched its highly rated professional development program “StressPal Frontline” in 2021 for the entire healthcare workforce and their families.