Let’s Affiliate

It will take more than a village to turn around this crisis

Your organization will find its own solutions, but you can make that journey more efficient and effective by creating bridges with experts in disciplines that complement your team’s skill sets. 

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts did the heavy lifting to create vetted professional development content and a secure online peer-support platform. Our business model is designed to make these tools available to groups with minimum/no risk or time, and at an affordable cost. And at scale for all health workers and allied professions experiencing persistent stressors and pressured environments.

We build and support win-win-win relationships into healthcare:

  • Affiliation with health vendors, such as leadership consultants, physician coaches, and behavioral telehealth vendors
  • Partnerships with associations and organizations delivering professional development and resources to health workers
  • Direct subscription packages to healthcare organization to customize for their teams and wellness leaders to engage at scale

How can we help you scale your services into healthcare?

We value our joint provider for continuing medical education and our affiliate partners. Join us!

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