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Kentucky TeleCare Addresses Mental Health Shortages

There is an alarming shortage of psychiatrists and psychologists particularly in rural America, yet primary care doctors see the need for mental health tools in a high percentage of their patients. Telemental health tools are trending. View the Full Post Here

Stress in America

Each year the American Psychological Association does a report on what is stressing Americans. You might be surprised by the findings. View the Full Post Here

Tides of Stress on the Rise

Published in Thrive Global. In early 2017, stress levels were reported by the American Psychological Association to be on the rise in America for the first time in a decade.  As the year has progressed, Mother Nature is reminding us of her power… Read Full Post Here

Fighting Physician Burnout with Resilience

by Pennie Sempell, JD and James Monroe, PhD Published in Angel MD. Clinician wellness is a critical, yet under-recognized, piece in the multi-faced aim to improve patient care, achieving better outcomes and lowering costs. Yet, 54% of physicians report suffering from burnout and nearly one-third report being depressed… Read Full Post Here