StressPal ( is an online continuing medical platform that provides training in resilience self-care for clinicians and other healthcare workers. Now, physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other healthcare team members can get professional credit for using the system.

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Program helps clinician participants build personal resilience and fulfillment; available with CME, CNE, APA and IPCE credits

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – April 20, 2021 – StressPal, a leader in evidence-based resilience training for clinicians, today announced that StressPal Frontline: Essential Resilience Self-Care and Burnout Prevention is a CE Activity, jointly provided by Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and StressPal for physicians, registered nurses, psychologists and healthcare teams.

Hospitals, healthcare systems and related healthcare facilities face systemwide challenges that lead to clinician distress, burnout, turnover and shortages, while struggling to address growing patient safety concerns. Developed by clinicians, StressPal Frontline is private and secure online continuing medical education that provides training in essential resilience self-care for clinicians and other healthcare workers. The program unifies leading intervention strategies in practical, focused learning for immediate application, in a video-rich experience that’s personalized by the learner. Participants will be better able to apply a choice of multiple evidence-based strategies (cognitive, behavioral, and physical) that are personally relevant, even in the heat of the moment, and ultimately enhance interprofessional team work.

“These indispensable healthcare professionals perform near herculean work. Unprecedented changes in the health field over more than a decade threaten the viability of organizations and place crushing burdens on providers. With determined and sustained effort across many fronts, leadership in collaboration with physicians can make meaningful steps towards creating cultures of resilience. A key strategy in this complex puzzle is providing excellent professional development tools,” said Pennie Sempell, CEO and Co-Founder of StressPal. “Fortunately, the science is here for how to mindfully strengthen and rebuild this valuable asset – individual resilience – aligned with what you value. We are thrilled to have StressPal Frontline offered as a CME activity and a missing piece of that puzzle.”

Credits available for the StressPal Frontline CE Activity are:

  • Physicians – maximum of 4.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits
  • Nurses – 4.0 contact hours
  • Psychologists – 4.0 continuing education credits
  • Healthcare Team – 4.0 Interprofessional Continuing Education credits

Grounded in peer-reviewed research, this interactive program harnesses the brain’s complex capacity to change how the brain responds, adapts, learns and recovers from stressors and challenges, in more workable ways aligned with what one values. StressPal Frontline’s core training is grounded in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with an innovative integration of cognitive behavioral models and mindfulness exercises. Compelling storytelling in a video-rich environment creates an immersive experience that is concise, engaging and easy to follow.

StressPal Faculty: James Monroe, PhD, Pennie Sempell, JD and Karen Knecht, MSN, RN-BC

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About StressPal

Founded in 2015, clinician-led StressPal recognizes that the uniquely complex challenges facing healthcare communities, and all its stakeholders, requires collaboration across multiple sectors, and excellence in innovation of specialized, adjunctive “tools” for the organization’s toolkit as they tackle resolution and build cultures of resilience and well-being for clinicians, healthcare professionals and patients. StressPal innovates low cost, efficient, and medical-grade digital behavioral medicine tools with engagement and interactivity at its core. For more information visit

Pennie Sempell, co-founder and CEO of StressPal joins Dr. Kevin Pho, host of the Podcast for an interview focused on how to protect your resilience.

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Pennie Sempell has spent much of her adult life answering this question: How do I boost my resilience? In this interview with John Jurica, host of the Physician NonClinical Careers podcast, she explains what she and her colleagues have developed to address that very challenge.

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Host Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick talks to the CEO of StressPal, Pennie Sempell. She has a tremendous background in using technology to address the mental health needs of healthcare providers to improve performance and reduce burnout. Their discussion focuses on resilience training for clinical and administrative staffs at hospitals and health systems.

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Our final group of thought leaders bring us insights on 2021 as we will continue to struggle to control and eradicate COVID-19. The continued strain on healthcare communities, medical professionals, healthcare staffing, and resource allocation that the pandemic has brought about may not go away for most of next year.

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A rustling of leaves was heard in the deep underbrush. The hunter froze in place, his fingers stiffening around his bow, poised for attack or flight. He bolted, leaping across the rocks as the cougar emerged, just missing its prey. Not stopping until he reached his destination, the hunter collapsed by the fire and fell asleep. This analogy showcases the survival response and a natural, rapid recovery.

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The Physicians Foundation’s 2020 Survey of America’s Physicians: COVID-19’s Impact on Physician Wellbeing finds that nearly 1 in 4 physicians (22%) know a physician who committed suicide and the majority (58%) express feelings of burnout. The full report is available to download.

StressPal, a leader in evidence-based resilience training for clinicians, today announced the launch of StressPal Frontline – an active-learning tool that blends best practice strategies to protect psychological resilience and reduce burnout, enhancing cognitive clarity, improved decision-making, better communication and performance.

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Healthcare delivery is inherently complex, unpredictable, and challenging. Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, those pain points become exacerbated. On a daily basis, clinician teams and administrators are faced with multifaceted responsibilities and demands for time, attention and compassion that can lead to stress, fatigue and burnout. Contact with ailing patients and their relatives creates further complexities, potentially impacting psychological and physical health, quality of life and performance.

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