Expanded access and inclusion to entire healthcare workforce safeguards individual resilience, improves interprofessional communication and fulfilment

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – July 13, 2022 – StressPal, a leader in evidence-based resilience training for clinicians, today announced that StressPal Frontline: Essential Resilience Self-Care and Burnout Prevention now offers post-training modules throughout the subscription and on renewal, and up to 24 Continuing Medical Education and Interprofessional Education credits for a wide range of clinicians and healthcare teams, jointly provided by the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and StressPal.

The StressPal program unifies leading intervention strategies in practical, focused learning for immediate application, in a video-rich experience that’s personalized by the learner, to cultivate psychological flexibility, resilience and interprofessional capacities. The accredited content, interactive videos and peer-mentoring tools are delivered to users conveniently in a confidential, secure environment. The core training is designed in bite-sized modules for completion over 4-6 weeks with resources, and new ongoing post-training support modules reinforce the skill-building.

The new post-training module includes 10 robust modules of interactive materials available to subscription model learners after completion of the core training. Learners and coaches interact with peers in their own dedicated online community and use the program’s platform to disseminate wellness news on any device, and in real time. Compelling storytelling in an animated, video-rich environment creates an immersive experience that is concise, engaging and easy to follow.

The increased credits available for the StressPal Frontline Continuing Education Activity are:

  • Physicians – maximum of 12 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits
  • Nurses – 12 contact hours (ANCC)
  • Psychologists – 12 continuing education credits (APA)
  • Healthcare Team – 12 Interprofessional Continuing Education credits

“Burnout and poor well-being impede a strong culture of safety in medicine. A rising number of clinicians and non-clinicians report dismay and symptoms of depression, anxiety and burnout, and are leaving, or plan to prematurely leave, their profession. Unfortunately, individual resilience is neither an innate nor a static condition.  It can be learned and ameliorated, and it can be degraded by persistent stressors, and by our own stress triggered-responses,” said Pennie Sempell, CEO and Co-Founder of StressPal. “While we may have little control over external stressors in the short run, we can gain control over how we respond to stressors and align our responses with what we value. Leadership can meaningfully support their workforce, and mitigate risks, by protecting the resilience of their broader teams and staff.  We are excited to offer StressPal Frontline as a concise, brain-based continuing education activity, and as a ready-to-use platform for the organization’s teams and mentors to interact, meet and share in real time, on any device. This dual approach of high value content and a private peer community is powerful.”

StressPal Faculty: James Monroe, PhD, Pennie Sempell, JD and Karen Knecht, MSN, RN-BC

To learn more about the StressPal Frontline: Essential Resilience Self-Care and Burnout Prevention toolkit, visit https://StressPal.com. Discounted team bundles are available for organizations.

About StressPal

Clinician-led StressPal recognizes that the uniquely complex challenges facing healthcare communities, and all its stakeholders, requires collaboration across multiple sectors, and excellence in innovation of specialized, adjunctive “tools” for the organization’s toolkit as they engage in systemic approaches to reduce factors contributing to burnout, manage risks, and create workplace environments conducive to well-being for the entire healthcare workforce. StressPal innovates low cost, efficient, and best practices digital behavioral medicine tools with engagement and interactivity at its core. For more information visit https://stresspal.com/.


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Professional development and peer-support platform addresses staff distress, attrition, liability, and financial strain

BOSTON and SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – October 4, 2021 – UBERDOC and StressPal today announced a strategic partnership to bring StressPal Frontline: Essential Resilience Self-Care and Burnout Prevention, a continuing medical education program and robust peer-support platform, to UBERDOC’s physician members at a discounted rate.

“Physicians and their staff face complex systemwide issues that lead to distress, burnout and shortages, all of which impacts clinician wellbeing and patient safety, in a vicious cycle of stressors and stress-triggered responses. While the system won’t change overnight, the good news is that the science is here for effective, durable skill-building to protect individual resilience,” said Pennie Sempell, CEO and Co-founder of StressPal. “The practical, concise approach taken in StressPal Frontline allows learners to immediately apply leading cognitive and behavioral strategies, personalized at every step. During these uncertain times, we’re thrilled to help mitigate some of healthcare’s challenges by providing a special offer for UBERDOC’s physician members.”

StressPal Frontline’s accredited professional development training provides up to 4.0 CEUs for physicians, psychologists and nurses, plus 4.0 Interprofessional CE credits. The secure web-based platform allows groups of any size to acquire discounted bundles and customize its own peer-to-peer support for clinical and nonclinical staff.

“At UBERDOC, we believe in the importance of rapidly ramping up cultures of wellbeing for our physician members, and we’re thrilled to offer this crucial wellness platform and continuing medical education for physicians, nurses and health workers,” says Craig Zevin, chief operating officer of UBERDOC. “Through our alliance with StressPal, UBERDOC will be able to provide physicians with skills and dedicated peer support, shown to make a difference in work and life satisfaction, fulfillment, and interprofessional collaboration.”

To learn more about this partnership offering, visit StressPal.com or contact UBERDOC for details on the reduced-price offer for UBERDOC members.


Established in 2016, UBERDOC is a digital healthcare startup that connects patients and doctors for affordable, transparently priced care. The platform currently offers over 15,000 in-person and telemedicine appointments each week at transparent market prices. UBERDOC’s mobile-enabled tools also provide doctors with the ability to build custom “digital offices” that affordably and effectively serve their patients. The Boston-based, privately held company, founded by Paula Muto, MD, FACS, a vascular and general surgeon, is owned and operated by a majority female team.

About StressPal

A crucial component of building a culture of resilience in healthcare is adopting resilience-promoting digital health tools to support clinical and nonclinical teams impacted by rising stressors, loss and moral injury. In 2015, James Monroe, Ph.D. and Pennie Sempell, J.D. undertook the research and development of robust medical-grade tools strictly grounded in peer-reviewed, controlled research to help healthcare communities build flexibility and resilience.

StessPal’s science-based professional development and peer-support platform helps organizations rapidly and inexpensively scale professional development and interprofessional skill building with leading, easy-to-adopt intervention strategies. For more information visit https://stresspal.com/.

Pennie Sempell, JD and Tom Davis, MD present during the 11th Annual Coalition for Physician Well-Being Conference.

To find out more, visit www.forphysicianwellbeing.org.