StressPal Delivers Resilience to Frontline Healthcare Workers and their Communities

Evidence-based, personalized training program helps high stress clinical teams build resilience to reduce burnout, improve decision-making, communication and performance

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – October 27, 2020 – StressPal, a leader in evidence-based resilience training for clinicians, today announced the launch of StressPal Frontline – an active-learning tool that blends best practice strategies to protect psychological resilience and reduce burnout, enhancing cognitive clarity, improved decision-making, better communication and performance.

Grounded in peer-reviewed research, this interactive program harnesses the brain’s complex capacity to change how the brain responds, adapts, learns and recovers from stressors and challenges. StressPal Frontline’s core training is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with an innovative integration of cognitive behavioral models and mindfulness exercises. Compelling storytelling in a video-rich environment creates an immersive experience that is concise, engaging and easy to follow. The developmental learning model is self-paced over four weeks, with brief daily repetitions to progress to the next level, and ongoing support.

Alfredo Alberto, a Family and Community Health Extension Agent for Prairie View A&M University in Texas, works in a high stress environment alongside healthcare workers who provide triage to primary care for Medicare and other patients. He recently started the StressPal Frontline program saying, “There is a great amount of emphasis put on awareness, which has been exciting to see. For weeks now I have benefited greatly in identifying, managing and creating new mindfulness skills through their program.”

StressPal Frontline is specifically designed for healthcare organizations to customize and brand a training program that is secure and confidential for their clinical teams, staff and allied professionals. Co-Founders Pennie Sempell, JD and James Monroe, PhD bring more than 60 years’ combined experience in clinical psychology, behavioral medicine, research and integrative health education to the StressPal leadership team.

“A common misconception is that resilience or grit is something you are born with, that it can’t be improved. That’s not the case. With more than half of clinicians experiencing symptoms of burnout even before the current pandemic, we felt it imperative to help the healthcare community by offering leading intervention strategies to protect and build resilience,” said Sempell. “The cutting-edge science behind our Frontline solution helps clinicians and their staff protect and build their resilience in these high stress times. We all need healthcare to survive and thrive. Resilience and flexibility are crucial to that success.”

About StressPal
Founded in 2015, StressPal expands the ability for clinicians and mental health professionals to provide excellence in behavioral medicine solutions for patients that are truly personalized, engaging, low cost, effective and easy to administer. Through active-learning models, StressPal innovates online stress resilience education programs that embed leading psychotherapeutic models in a compelling storyline with animation and interactivity at its core. For more information visit